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It is a repository for Student, Faculty, and Staff created web pages. If you want the official site, it is at
Disclaimer Statement
"St. Mary's College recognizes the individual and educational value of personal publishing on the Internet, and so as a matter of policy allows and encourages students, staff, and faculty to experiment with producing personal WWW pages. Due to the free form nature of this process the College accepts no responsibility for the content of those pages.
"The links from this page are the home pages of St. Mary's students, staff, and faculty. While these pages do not in any way constitute official St. Mary's content, we hope you find the information in them useful, or at least entertaining. St. Mary's makes no effort to pre-approve, police or edit these pages. The views and opinions expressed in the pages below are strictly those of the page authors, and comments on the contents of those pages should be directed to the page authors."

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